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More hole wrecking from up above

Part 2 of this mini series. We got a TON of super hot video from above our sling when Alpha was using that insatiable sub hole with toys, cock and his fist.

Dom cock worship

Sub was hungry to worship Alpha’s fat cock, so he laid back on the bench and enjoyed his sub beast licking and worshiping his far cock as the good boy he is.

Quick foreskin fingering

Horned up after another of his intense workouts, Alpha started playing with this foreskin with one of his fingers. The sensation was so fucking hot that he shot a big load from it.

Behind the sling posing

One night the Big Bull was flexing in the dungeon with some low lights. Of course when he saw the camera rolling he knew what to do: show off his roided, hairy, beastly body for everyone to worship.

Pumping Alpha’s muscles

Muscle growth is a never ending job and very important for the bulls to keep growing and growing. Alpha’s workout got hot, sweaty and horned up of course seeing his muscles engorged.

Sling hole wrecking from above

Alpha got obsessed with working the livestock’s hole more and more. This side view show Alphas fat cock fucking and wrecking that sub’s ass over and over. That hole got flooded with his load.

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