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Sweaty and wet play time – Part 7

Last video of this sweaty session. The big beast loves to show off in front of the mirrors wearing his leather, smelling like piss and sweat mixed. Livestock training is a constant work and Alpha loves doing it.

Livestock training night – Part 1

One of the first long sessions for the Bull. Alpha needs to start training his livestock to be the servant beast he wants to own. It’s a long and never ending process.

Livestock training night – Part 2

Training continues. Big Bull shows off his massive, hairy built body while he smokes those fat stogies. Then Alpha gets to hole training and abuse, just as any livestock should be used to.

Living room ass play in the sling

The sling is always ready to be set up anywhere, including the living room where Alpha got to use and fuck his livestock’s beefy ass.

Alpha muscle beef for worshiping

Quick video with Alpha showing off his dominant muscled beef, flexing and stroking that far cock while he shows off for the muscle-hungry boys out there.

Livestock training night – Part 3

Heavy ass training continues. Alpha fucks and plows that livestock’s hole. No mercy when it comes to training his subs. Their holes need to be stretched more and more.

Mutual stroking in the dungeon

Alpha and his sub bull got piggy and horny in the dungeon. Lots of stroking and muscle flexing in front of the mirrors got all the cocks hard and hungry for some play time.

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