Alpha Flex And Stroke Session

Alpha plays with his huge siliconed uncut cock while flexing in front of three mirrors in the Bulls' dungeon.

Big Bull Strokes His Massive Junk

Watch the Big Bull stroke his massive, animal-like, siliconed junk after long and piggy hot tub time with Alpha.

Alpha Stroking Bull Sub Meat

Alpha tells Big Bull how much silicone he is gonna add to his cock while stroking the Bull's massive package.

Big Bull Smoking and Stroking

Big Bull loves to take huge hits of stogey smoke deep into his lungs while he strokes his massive siliconed monster.

Big Bull Barnyard Animal Services Alpha

Leathered up Big Bull on all fours looking like a barnyard animal with those massive bull balls servicing Alpha cock.

All piggy and sweaty bull action

There is always a ton of the bull-on-bull action when it's play time - and it is plentiful and (specially) very piggy in the Bull's Dungeon!

Alpha exploring

It's hot to see Alpha going deep in the Big Bull's hole.

Smoke and Stroke

Showing off in the dark and stroking his massive fat hog.
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